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Corporate History  

 1984 - Huangyan Plastic & Printing Co., Ltd was formed which was the original company of the Double-Dove Group.
 The company developed its first single-use disposable syringe and changed its name to Huangyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
 The company registered  “Double-Dove” as its brand name.
 The company changed its name to Double-Dove Group Co., Ltd.
The Double-Dove Group, in a joint venture with companies from Taiwan and U.S.A., formed Jimin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to develop and produce IV solution with plastic bottle.
The company became ISO9002 compliance in the production of single-use infusion sets and disposable syringes, and also, GMP compliance in IV solution production.  In the same year, “Double-Dove” products were awarded as the “Zhejiang Famous Product” and “Double-Dove” brand was also awarded as the “Zhejiang Famous Brand”.
The company became CE compliance in the production of single-use infusion sets and disposable syringes and the certification opened the international markets for the Double-Dove Group.
 In order to expand, Shanghai Double-Dove Industry Co., Ltd was formed in Shanghai, which is the most advanced medical device manufacturing facility in China.
The group continued to expand. Zhejiang Vitalcare Medical Device Co., Ltd was set up along with a U.S.A.company; SGFAC Co., Ltd was formed with Korean company and ZheJiang Medicine Co., Ltd in the same year, which positioned the Double-Dove Group as a leader in China in diversified industries.
 The Group doubled its overall physical plant size by building up a 333,500 Sq. Meters“State of the Art” manufacturing facility “Double-Dove Industry Area” in Huangyan Developing Area.

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